April 08, 2004

Top 10 News
(over the last few days)

Rice grilled by 9/11 panel

26 policemen killed in Jharkhand

40 killed in Iraq mosque attack

JeM chief killed; attack on PDP rally

Iraq plunges into hostage drama

India 'fingered' by umpires at Lahore

More sex charges against Beckham

The Times of India, BBC tie up for magazines

Lindows changes name in several countries to Lin---s (pronounced as Lindash)

Coming soon: a smut-free DVD!

Great headline
News on the move
(The Economist)
(Rupert Murdoch's NewsCorp to shift base from Australia to US)

Note: We should shortly be moving into Breaking News mode shortly, the original idea of my blog. News will be posted more often, with more details, hopefully