January 30, 2005

'Adopted son' claims Parveen Babi's home
Nine days after the actress died apparently without a will, a man has come forward to claim her crores

'Babri Masjid demolition planned
10 months in advance'
In a claim that tears apart the stand of Sangh Parivar, a book authored by a former top Intelligence Bureau official says the demolition was planned by top RSS, BJP and VHP leaders

Minority Report
survey will track media consumption, relationship with brands, the impact of advertising and their attitudes and opinions on life in 21st century Britain

Hungry hai kya?!

What's me up to, besides working? Well, busy playing phototakeouter. Check out more photographs

'Crazy' teddy row hits US state

A company in Vermont has sparked controversy with a teddy bear in a straitjacket emblazoned with a love heart for Valentine's Day

Bush to parents: 'Turn off indecency'
Calling himself a free speech advocate, the US President said the government is not first line of responsibility when it comes to protecting children

Compensation for flight delays, cancellations
Several airlines, including Air-India, may have to pay up under a European Union regulation coming into force from February 17

January 27, 2005

Small is the new beautiful in newspapers
Media experts say that readers' attention spans are shorter in the digital era

Should R K Laxman call it a day?
Mediaah! has a point of view

Oh, what happened to my bank account?
What Google's Mark Jen said. Life at Google from the inside!

January 25, 2005


In pictures (BBC)

January 23, 2005

Tsunami skit goes a little too far
Details on the skit that New York City rap station Hot 97 had been running for about a week

January 22, 2005

Web photo storage market hots up
An increasing number of firms are
offering web storage for people with digital photo collections

January 19, 2005

National Geographic Channel to launch Nat Geo Junior
First Discovery did it with its leisure and travel channel. Now Nat Geo is doing it: use India as an incubating market to test out new ideas

January 18, 2005

Take Back The News
A news sharing community

Mumbai to see Bombay Dreams
The musical that was born in Bollywood, slapped on Indian kitsch and played up the quintessential tinseltown romance, will reach the city this year

January 17, 2005

The news is good? They must be kidding
Top executives struggle to think like children and make money like adults

January 15, 2005

Disney's over the moon about India's toons
A free-for-all finally seems to have broken out in the kids’ channel space, with the newcomer coming out openly against competitors Turner Broadcasting’s Cartoon Network and Viacom’s Nickelodeon

Watch before you hit ‘forward’
On the day most of us first saw
the big CBS report about the infamous 60 Minutes II episode, you'd think journalists would be more attuned to questionable electronic documents. But they weren't

January 13, 2005

First hand account of torture at Abu Ghraib
'When my turn came to be summoned to the prison court, the judge, holding many papers in his hands, asked me 'What is your crime?' I replied that I was simply inside the masjid and the American soldiers came. The judge sentenced me to four months in prison'

January 10, 2005

Why Mid Day reporter is upset with Abhishek
The host and the guests sure hadn’t intended for this numbers game to happen!

Blog numbers are closer to 34.5 million wordwide
The perennial debate about how many blogs are in the Blogosphere has risen again following the recent Pew Blogging Survey and the SixApart takeover of LiveJournal

January 06, 2005

Columnist confesses

We'd like to tip our hat to Boston Globe (and syndicated) columnist Ellen Goodman who took it upon herself to write a year-end column highlighting her mistakes form the past year

Saudi man with 58 wives stirs polygamy debate
Saleh al-Sayeri, a 64-year-old shepherd-turned-businessman, says his marital adventures have cost him more than $1.6 million in wedding expenses and settlements for divorced wives

January 02, 2005

Pastor draws the line in editorial cartoons

Dick Wright is an award-winning cartoonist who isn't afraid to poke fun at lawmakers and world leaders on the editorial pages of hundreds of newspapers

Tsunami photo that was...

...two years old!

World's tallest skyscraper opens

Taiwan celebrated the official opening with a colorful opera performance and some of the island's top personalities taking elevators up to the 89th floor observation platform

Oomph! Can't handle bikini babes
The next time you debate whether or not to wear the skimpy new outfit you bought, it may not be enough for you to convince your grandmother or older brother. You may need the neighbourhood photo studio guy's approval too