April 30, 2005

April 29, 2005

World's first Hindu theme park
Its backers describe it as the world's biggest mythological theme park
One year after Abu Ghraib, torture continues

Photographs of Iraqi detainees being tortured by the US military had shocked the world
25 years after Hitchcock

The most widely known and influential director in the history of world cinema, The Master of Suspense created timeless films that continue to chill, thrill and amuse as much today as they did then
Roll up for Financial Times sale of the century
Vultures are circling as speculation mounts over the future of the prestigious but troubled Pink 'Un
Hindustan Times plans new look
Delhi edition pages to be photo-driven
Koffee With Karan
Rishi, Neetu warm up with Johar on StarWorld
Kashmir on my mind
Sarita Sarvate, an Indian American remembers how the mystical mountain valleys of Kashmir were, through Bollywood films, forever embedded in her imagination
Ravi Shankar signs up for BBC Proms
Will peform sitar Concerto No 1 with daughter Anoushka in August

April 28, 2005

Flags as infographics

United States
Red: In favor of the war in Iraq
White: Against the war in Iraq
Blue: Don't know where Iraq is

April 27, 2005

The frontpage in the making

The Contra Costa Times editor's blog gives you a sneak preview
DNA warfare rocks Mumbai
Dancewithshadows traces the DNA campaign unleashed by the upcoming Zee-Bhaskar newspaper and takes cover in a bomb shelter
WorldSpace to strengthen Indian presence
India's only satellite radio player is ramping up operations with the launch of two more stations
My experience with sting journalism
In the two decades and odd of being a hack, Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay has conducted two sting operations of which one was a disaster and resulted in him spending a few hours in police custody

April 26, 2005

TV blesses the new Pope
Beatification begins for Benedict XVI as soon as the cameras start to roll
Mr Singh’s Search for the Holy Grail
American visionaries, cranks and con men have long sought the simple key to boosting the efficiency of the gasoline engine. Now a barefoot tinkerer in India believes he has unlocked the door. Is he for real?
30 must-have PC skills - Part 1
Everything you need to know about Windows, but were afraid to ask

April 25, 2005

Times news channel
Reuters picks 26 percent stake

April 23, 2005

A primer
Blogs will change your business
Look past the yakkers, hobbyists, and political mobs. Your customers and rivals are figuring blogs out. Our advice: Catch up... or catch you later
Daily newspaper for farmers
Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar plans Agro-one
The Yahoo! 360 blog
Informal update -- no marketing speak or soap box stuff -- just a way to share what's new, or some cool new way to get more from the product
Blogging and where to start
For those who are not ready to D-I-Y, which system is the easiest?
Two websites for one paper
Picking washingtonpost.com's brain

April 20, 2005

Blogger bounced from Disneyland
Jim Hill has been expelled from the Happiest Place on Earth. And that makes him... well, unhappy
2 reporters lose court hearing request
Duo could face jail time as early as next week for refusing to disclose confidential sources to a grand jury investigating the leak of a CIA operative's name
Goa to Goa
This article is all about Goa but has an image of Delhi

April 16, 2005

New look The Hindu
'It's all about purity and functionality'
Dressed up in hype
News channels are gearing up for catfights over allegations of stolen designs, green room backbiting and poaching of models

April 14, 2005

ZEE-Bhaskar will launch English daily
Daily News & Analysis or DNA, the much-in-news print product, is readying for launch by August-September 2005

April 12, 2005

What's the value of a newspaper reader?
The Mid Day reader is valued highest

April 08, 2005

DNA takes shape
Ayaz Memon to be editor

April 06, 2005

Amit Sana

The Indian Idol runner-up Senior Associate Editor, Features, Sita Menon at the rediff.com office
(Photograph by Anthony D'Costa)

A photo I will treasure

...with Mauritius President Sir Aneerood Jugnauth in Mauritius recently