December 23, 2006

How they steal your card at ATMs
One surveillance camera in a bank in Italy has captured these images. They clearly show how easily you may be swindled out of your money, while banking at automatic teller (ATM)

Vijay Mallya's birthday
Priyanka Jain had the rare chance to spot Dr Vijay Mallya in an unguarded moment lounging with two-three people at Baga beach sometime around October end.
In graphics
Muslim veils unveiled on BBCNews.
Making my day
The ironing guy comes everyday and these days I barely have two shirts to give him on a regular basis, since I have stopped wearing clothes that need ironing. Tough hubby tries his best to dirty as many as possible regularly.

Blogger’s hasty exit from Beta
The new Blogger is out of Beta. Defying “conventional” Web 2.0 “wisdom” of a perpetual Beta, the new version of Blogger has been formally launched.

A Tabloid New York Times?
Even The New York Times is planning on a tabloid-format newspaper to suit the younger generation’s desires, although “it’s way too early to talk about it,” said executive editor Bill Keller.

December 04, 2006

The big Digg rig
Digg became one of the top sites for tech news because it lets Web-savvy geeks decide what's newsworthy, offer up stories they like and vote on their favorites.

Who ever thought it would be like this?
Japanese manhole cover art
Free online file conversion
Have you ever wanted to convert files without the need to download software? (I have not tried it out)

The world's most famous actor...
...and you've never heard of him (Sunday Times). Uh?