November 12, 2006

How a newsroom should work...
...and how it

November 10, 2006

Yahoo! Messenger in Yahoo! Mail
Yahoo! is planning to incorporate the Yahoo! Messenger Instant Messaging (IM) service into its email service, Yahoo! Mail

Clever game
Type words correctly or die...
The worst political web sites
Go ahead, have fun!
Ontario-based musician takes down Slashdot
Apparently an musician posted the 16,777,215th comment, blowing up the comment table on the popular site.

Digital newspapers by 2008
Saving the planet through paperless printing?

Time should name Stewart, Colbert as POY
The Person of the Year honor would be appropriate

November 03, 2006

The Firefox Kid
Blake Ross helped make Firefox one of the biggest open-source success stories ever. Just wait until you see what he's up to now.