December 22, 2005

Keeping up with the Time
The Best Photos of 2005
Top Ten Web 2.0 Moments of 2005
It's been a huge year for the Web! A time of renewed optimism in Silicon Valley and an incredible number of new web applications.

December 21, 2005

Time, Newsweek made the wrong calls
Week in and out, the two news magazines compete ferociously for access to presidents, celebrities and other newsmakers.
Try this Christmas Challenge
I could not go beyond Level 7 in this flash game.
Update: Reached level 14

December 20, 2005

Cell phone PC
Come January 2006 and DualCor Technologies will unveil its cPC, a cross between a WinXP PC and a smart phone running Windows Mobile 5.0

December 16, 2005

Dylan spins it
Bob Dylan is making like a rolling stone.
Microsoft's vision of the future
Everyone has a different idea of what fun gadgets they would like to see in the future, and some of Microsoft's researchers have been demonstrating in Brussels what they hope might take off.
5 ways to be the life of the party
Always a wallflower? Take our advice to get into the holiday mix.
Life imitates art
Man breaks into house to fix computers.
Restrictions on World Cup coverage
Newspaper editors might be surprised to know they won't be allowed to provide full coverage on their web sites.
Things I've Learned Being Single
Yes, they may be crazy, but hey I'm a little crazy at times.

Topless scandal
Well, unfortunately, it does not involve any celebrity and it's only a pair on sandals.

December 15, 2005

NBC edits pole dance from Elton John show
NBC censored a steamy pole dance Pamela Anderson performed while Elton John sang The Bitch is Back during his primetime special.
RIAA website hacked!
The list of the MP3's that were on the site were actually on the RIAA's servers and many people were able to download them.

Not your typical pinup calendar
A calendar put out by the University of Illinois is forgoing leggy pinup girls for a different kind of model. Rather, the school is going for a brainier sort.

TV fridge gets even cooler
You can watch TV on your iPod. Why shouldn't you able to watch it on your refrigerator?

Behold King Kong
Well, here's one way to give that movie review a big promo.

November 30, 2005

The gay experiment that started AIDS in America
There is no doubt that AIDS erupted in the U.S. shortly after government-sponsored hepatitis B vaccine experiments (1978-1981) using gay men as guinea pigs.

November 22, 2005

Headliner: Mayor Dalvi is pissed off
Mumbai's mayor desperately wants his needs to be attended to. He and his staff have been unable to use the loo in their office at the BMC headquarters, CST, for six months.


CNN 'X's Cheney?
According to a very indignant Drudge Report, CNN repeatedly flashed a large “X” over Vice-President Cheney’s face during a live speech.

November 21, 2005
Digg, slashdot, and -- this is a constant browsing cycle
The 7 deadly sins of blogging
'A rather strong title, but I want to share what I think are the seven worst things a blogger can do based on my personal experience.'

The time has come?
Dowbrigade News wants America to wake up.

November 16, 2005

Watch A Sketch
Watch this sketch materialize before your very eyes, starting with the skeleton. If you're impatient, click the x16 button to speed things up.

Sory Electronics
Will Sony make amends for infecting your computers?
I don't like emails: Sir Bob
Live8 organiser has revealed his contempt for e-mails, blaming them for tying up people's time and stopping genuine action.
The breakfast business
At a technology company you might think no one's around for a morning meal, but that's not so at Mountain View.
Most relevant media trends for newspapers
PR Week lists its picks for the 10 most important media trends. Nothing is new or shocking, but the list reinforces many of the predictions that have been being made for some time.

Killer mouse
There is every chance that anyone seeing this baby on your desk would call the cops

September 29, 2005

BBC News to launch reader comment system
The system will enable readers to post comments to the site before an editor has looked at them
First Indian blog network to be launched Oct 5
Another first for the blogosphere is set to be launched October 5 with the launch (of what I believe to be) the first blog network based in India: Instablogs

September 27, 2005

Top 10 worst products
CNET gave you its list of the 10 best products of the decade, but frankly, it had more fun picking the top 10 worst products of the decade

September 25, 2005

For a frank opinion, go to Greg
Greg Chappell grew up in a household where frank opinions were served up at the breakfast table more often than cereal and fruit juice, says Ian Chappell

September 24, 2005

Don't judge a book by its title
The marketers of Tom Wolfe's latest novel have decided his name alone should be enough to sell the book in paperback

September 23, 2005

Get ready for a blackout on STAR Network today
Don’t be surprised if your TV screens go black while watching the STAR Network on September 24

September 15, 2005

Reuters explains photo of Bush bathroom note
Don't blame the photographer.That's the message from Gary Hershorn, a picture editor for Reuters, about the photo that shows President George W Bush writing an all-too-human note during a UN meeting

September 11, 2005

Talking KBC
This Sunday, my buddy Tanvi and me grew more and more
distraught, on behalf of a participant who couldn’t name the anchor of the television show, The Apprentice, says Merril Diniz.
Mystery of missing consul-general
A bold experiment in engaging People of Indian Origin and Non-Resident Indians in deepening relations with India has left a lot of red faces in Canada and raised eyebrows in South Block

September 08, 2005

Yahoo for mail, Indiatimes for Whatever!
Survey digs into online habits of Indian netizens

August 30, 2005

Aakar Patel, Mid-Day Group Editor-in-Chief, quits
The group editor-in-chief of Mid-Day will join Divya Bhaskar as its group editor-in-chief

August 29, 2005

Let’s Hail . . . a rickshaw?
More primitive than a pedicab. Some say degrading; others tip big

August 28, 2005

The rising music stars of tomorrow?
If you've kept your ear pinned to the ground this past year, apart from risking a nasty neck injury, you'll know that diversity within the British Asian music scene has hit a giddy peak, with emerging talent dabbling in a wealth of different genres and striking out against tired labels

Dalit writing makes its mark
Next month, the autobiography Untouchables: My Family's Triumphant Journey Out of the Caste System in Modern India will hit American shores

August 26, 2005

Mumbai's media war
Who's the winner?
51 per cent journalists use blogs: survey
And 28 per cent rely on
them for daily reporting, says a survey of 1,202 US journalists from Euro RSCG Magnet and Columbia University

August 25, 2005

Indiatimes on a digital overdrive
Bounty includes v-blogs, moblogs, IP TV – Whatever!

August 24, 2005

Journalism is a verb, not a platform
The message from the New York Times is powerful: Journalism is what we do. Print, web and broadcast are delivery vehicles
Will compact newspaper revolution take hold?
On August 29, another American newspaper will jump on the
tabloid bandwagon

Lip syncing is now a crime
Ashlee Simpson, are you listening? A little travel tip for you. Don't go to Turkmenistan, your favorite genre of music has just been made illegal

August 23, 2005

Ain’t no party like a ‘Foreign Policy’ Party

Woo-hoo! Foreign Policy magazine turns 35 next month, and we just got a press release about the wild and crazy celebration the mag has planned
10 steps to a...
Do you want to make money in your home? Forget real estate scams, Tupperware, or becoming a spammer. Create your Web 2.0 company
Talk to me
A recent New York Times story on the Google Sidebar had an interesting side note about an annoucement Wednesday of a new 'communication tool' -- could this be the much speculated Google IM?
Newswatch India
It aims to become the preferred online destination for Indian journalists looking for information pertinent to their profession

August 22, 2005

Ram at large
Ramananda Sengupta on India's place in the world
20 most beautiful women under 20

The indiatimes list has Natasha Suri, Aarohi Misra, Sneha Ullal, Deepika Padukone and others...

Journalist assaulted in Mumbai
Ashish Shukla, PTI's cricket writer, was attacked by the driver and his associate when he was travelling in their taxi from the domestic airport to international airport to catch a flight to Johannesburg en route to Harare to cover the India-Zimbabwe cricket series

DNA rocks
At Velocity, Mumbai, on August 16
(More photos)
Best English learning resources
Recommending websites is not what I do but I found these four sites very helpful for people studying the English language like myself...
Blog censorship?
A report alleges Google’s new flag feature has been used to censor a blog on the grounds that readers have disagreed with the opinion of Ashok Banker

August 21, 2005

Story behind JK photographs
Only cops in

August 15, 2005

Independence Day

August 14, 2005

Sports scribe Darryl Crasto passes away
The Times of India sports editor and former president of the Sports Journalist Federation of India passed away in Mumbai after a prolonged illness

August 11, 2005

Coming to a TV near you
Looks like another veteran journalist is signing up with al-Jazeera. This time it's British broadcasting bigwig David Frost

August 10, 2005

Emmys come to Mumbai
Jennifer Aniston and our own Malini De (Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin's Pari) may soon have something in common! How's that? Simple. The Emmy Awards are coming to India!

August 06, 2005

News Flash: Blogs overrated
Turns out not many people read blogs -- but you already knew that
Employers fume as staff surf
The most common ways of wasting time at work are chatting on the internet, reading electronic newspapers from home countries, checking share prices and paying personal bills

July 31, 2005

A news junkie's nightmare
Newspaper reading was fairly simple till a month ago

June 29, 2005

'Witch' Indira

Former US President Richard Nixon called Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi an 'old witch,' according to recently released documents from the 1970s. His national security adviser Henry Kissinger said, 'the Indians are bastards anyway' in the run-up to the India-Pakistan war of 1971
Big phish in jail
India plans free software for all
Government has no plan to promote open source software over proprietary products

June 15, 2005

Newspapers are f***ed
Kurt Andersen claims he has merely stumbled from job to job. But a peek at his résumé — which includes such big media names as The New Yorker, New York Magazine, Time magazine and the Today show — suggests there is more to his success than just luck

I hate it when this happens!
You spend all night coming up with a hot headline to go out in, and then that bitch from across town totally shows up in the same thing!
IIFA Awards 2005
Photographs from Asians in Media

June 12, 2005

Can Google News robot rival the newspapermen?
A potential nightmare faces the 'dead-tree-and-ink' business
Valentina Pedroni speaks out... finally

The 35-year-old blonde is near the end of an acrimonious divorce
battle with Arun Nayar, who dumped her for actress Liz Hurley

June 11, 2005

India a failed state
Political commentators in India are fond of calling Pakistan a 'failed state,' but few Indians are willing to admit that their own country is hurtling towards anarchy, says Ravi Shanker Kapoor

June 07, 2005

Tiger booked for hunting deer
(The Times of India on Pataudi)

Zimbabwe president denies he is dead
( on rumors of Robert Mugabe's death)

June 06, 2005

Worlds 100 largest newspapers by circulation
Did you ever wonder which newspaper is the largest in the world and where it comes from?

PS: It is not The Times of India!

June 05, 2005

The rocking homelessness of Mumbai's 'Local'
It's a literary take on Mumbai's famous local trains that brings alive the "rocking homelessness" experienced by thousands of travellers in this city every day
59Bloggers The Movie
Now in production -- a feature film about the new senate of the people, by the people, for the people

June 04, 2005

The fastest man around the world
After almost a full week of waiting in Mumbai, Nick was finally united with his trusty steed
Bombay's longest ride
The conductor of bus 524 almost choked when I asked for a ticket to the last stop, handing him a 10-rupee note

Star Wars: The desi version
Star wars, the concluding part of the cult film, has broken records worldwide. Closer home, we have our own interpretation of galactic battles. Some of these are hearsay; some documented, albeit in gossip columns. Look not for veracity in these stories, because the truth, as any cosmic traveller will tell you, is always out there
Don't use e-mail, just grab a blog feed
Blogs are revolutionizing the world of creativity, communication and community
Chennai's own Elvis

When Engelbert Humperdinck takes the stage in Bangalore on June 9, belting out golden oldies like The Last Waltz and There Goes My Everything, crooning the evening away as only he can, he will be the closest that he has been in a long time to the city of his birth — Chennai
The Vanity Fair scoop

'I'm the guy they call Deep Throat'
Tussaud trouble
Suit against waxwork empire for alleged misrepresentation and breach of contract

June 02, 2005

Pope Ratzi on sale


June 01, 2005

A blog...
about bloggers

May 28, 2005

Mumbai to get no-nonsense newspaper
...which means The Times of India, Indian Express, Mid Day, Asian Age... are nonsense newspapers?
Also read: Mumbai Mirror mirrors Mid Day
If I lose my job...
I can become the editor of Economic Times, says Finance Minister P Chidambaram
What Bush is saying when he is talking
The US President, who held just 14 formal, solo news conferences between his 2001 inauguration and the 2004 election, has faced reporters' questions every month since his re-election last November

May 27, 2005

Bombay closes book on street 'library'

May 19, 2005

WSJ in pictures
Business Wire has released early stage mock-ups of what a compact Wall Street Journal could look like
Staines murder: Dara gets life after death
(The Indian Express)

May 09, 2005

Battleground Mumbai
The media buzz from agencyfaqs:

Dina Vakil, resident editor, The Times of India, Mumbai, making way for Derek D’Sa, who was resident editor, Times of India’s Kolkata edition. Dina is likely to stay on as consulting editor

Avirook Sen, associate editor, Hindustan Times and editor, Sunday HT and HT City will be resident editor of HT, Mumbai

Ravi Srinivasan, resident editor, The Times of India, Pune, heading towards Mumbai

Bipul Guha, art director, Hindustan Times, heading towards Mumbai to helm the design functions at Daily News and Analysis

May 07, 2005

Playboy TV eyeing India?

Government officials have been sounded out at a very informal level over whether laws in India would ever permit adult content on television

May 05, 2005

Vote Labour?

May 02, 2005

Who answers 911?
It's the phone number that can help save a life. But calling 911 and expecting help to come running is becoming more of a gamble than ever before
Time Warner loses employee records
Tapes misplaced when firm was moving them to an offsite storage facility

May 01, 2005

Hello darkness
Mumbai’s iconic billboards will blink out. A symbol of an unprecedented power crisis across the state in a time of unprecedented growth. But the state govt is too busy with morality lectures to bother about a loss of Rs 100 crore — every day

April 30, 2005

April 29, 2005

World's first Hindu theme park
Its backers describe it as the world's biggest mythological theme park
One year after Abu Ghraib, torture continues

Photographs of Iraqi detainees being tortured by the US military had shocked the world
25 years after Hitchcock

The most widely known and influential director in the history of world cinema, The Master of Suspense created timeless films that continue to chill, thrill and amuse as much today as they did then
Roll up for Financial Times sale of the century
Vultures are circling as speculation mounts over the future of the prestigious but troubled Pink 'Un
Hindustan Times plans new look
Delhi edition pages to be photo-driven
Koffee With Karan
Rishi, Neetu warm up with Johar on StarWorld
Kashmir on my mind
Sarita Sarvate, an Indian American remembers how the mystical mountain valleys of Kashmir were, through Bollywood films, forever embedded in her imagination
Ravi Shankar signs up for BBC Proms
Will peform sitar Concerto No 1 with daughter Anoushka in August

April 28, 2005

Flags as infographics

United States
Red: In favor of the war in Iraq
White: Against the war in Iraq
Blue: Don't know where Iraq is

April 27, 2005

The frontpage in the making

The Contra Costa Times editor's blog gives you a sneak preview
DNA warfare rocks Mumbai
Dancewithshadows traces the DNA campaign unleashed by the upcoming Zee-Bhaskar newspaper and takes cover in a bomb shelter
WorldSpace to strengthen Indian presence
India's only satellite radio player is ramping up operations with the launch of two more stations
My experience with sting journalism
In the two decades and odd of being a hack, Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay has conducted two sting operations of which one was a disaster and resulted in him spending a few hours in police custody

April 26, 2005

TV blesses the new Pope
Beatification begins for Benedict XVI as soon as the cameras start to roll
Mr Singh’s Search for the Holy Grail
American visionaries, cranks and con men have long sought the simple key to boosting the efficiency of the gasoline engine. Now a barefoot tinkerer in India believes he has unlocked the door. Is he for real?
30 must-have PC skills - Part 1
Everything you need to know about Windows, but were afraid to ask

April 25, 2005

Times news channel
Reuters picks 26 percent stake

April 23, 2005

A primer
Blogs will change your business
Look past the yakkers, hobbyists, and political mobs. Your customers and rivals are figuring blogs out. Our advice: Catch up... or catch you later
Daily newspaper for farmers
Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar plans Agro-one
The Yahoo! 360 blog
Informal update -- no marketing speak or soap box stuff -- just a way to share what's new, or some cool new way to get more from the product
Blogging and where to start
For those who are not ready to D-I-Y, which system is the easiest?
Two websites for one paper
Picking's brain

April 20, 2005

Blogger bounced from Disneyland
Jim Hill has been expelled from the Happiest Place on Earth. And that makes him... well, unhappy
2 reporters lose court hearing request
Duo could face jail time as early as next week for refusing to disclose confidential sources to a grand jury investigating the leak of a CIA operative's name
Goa to Goa
This article is all about Goa but has an image of Delhi

April 16, 2005

New look The Hindu
'It's all about purity and functionality'
Dressed up in hype
News channels are gearing up for catfights over allegations of stolen designs, green room backbiting and poaching of models

April 14, 2005

ZEE-Bhaskar will launch English daily
Daily News & Analysis or DNA, the much-in-news print product, is readying for launch by August-September 2005

April 12, 2005

What's the value of a newspaper reader?
The Mid Day reader is valued highest

April 08, 2005

DNA takes shape
Ayaz Memon to be editor

April 06, 2005

Amit Sana

The Indian Idol runner-up Senior Associate Editor, Features, Sita Menon at the office
(Photograph by Anthony D'Costa)

A photo I will treasure

...with Mauritius President Sir Aneerood Jugnauth in Mauritius recently

March 31, 2005

With Dr Manmohan Singh
I am traveling with the Indian prime minister in Mauritius. Some of my reports on

PM's 4-day visit

Manmohan arrives in Mauritius

Random notes from Mauritius

Mauritius gets hi-tech

The Mauritian media

March 24, 2005

Prankster sneaks in own art
A Britisher surreptitiously hung his own humorous artwork, some of them carrying an anti-war message, in four major New York museums over the last two weeks

March 22, 2005

Reuters employees in byline strike
Its US journalists are staging their second byline strike in three months to protest the off-shoring of jobs to India

March 19, 2005

Michael Jackson will go free?

Defense will portray accuser's family as wack-job con artists
Stingers stung
Two Mumbai journalists find some operations can backfire
Amar Singh in tabloid nightmare

Page 3 Tabloid
publisher, editor on the run

Young Science Stars
The Intel Award winners, up close

Anatomy of a shooting

How the Atlanta Journal-Constitution covered the courthouse killings and manhunt
The cellphone gravestone
Yeah, but does it do 3G?

Like a Dali painting

encounter with Colin Powell in Google's laundry room
Women without a clue
It's not the number of women in the newsroom that counts towards diversity. It's what they have to say
Coming soon!
An all-new DantoNews!
An all-new DantoNews!
An all-new DantoNews!
An all-new DantoNews!
AFP sues Google
French news service upset over alleged copyright violations

March 18, 2005

Former top Citi exec faces insider trading charges
Victor Menezes receives notice from Securities and Exchange Commission
US denies visa to Narendra Modi
Gujarat chief minister fumes
Dalip Tahil wins right to work in UK

The Ferreira family may be going but the Indian actor has finally won the right to stay

March 16, 2005

Kanishka blast accused acquitted
Ripudaman Singh Malik, 57, and Ajaib Singh Bagri, 55 cleared by British Columbia Supreme Court

March 14, 2005

Times Independent from May 1
Bennett, Coleman & Company to launch daily for 40 plus in Mumbai

March 13, 2005

Who is a journalist?
Anybody who wants to be
New York Press former editor forced out
Jeff Koyen, who quit over last week’s cover story mocking ailing Pope John Paul II has insulted his former bosses at the free alternative weekly for forcing him out

March 11, 2005

Apple wins dispute over published trade secrets
Monish Bhatia, Jason O'Grady and ‘Kasper Jadeleaked specifications about a pending music software codenamed Asteroid

March 10, 2005

Lakshmi Mittal is third richest person
The Indian-born steel tycoon trailed Microsoft chief Bill Gates and US investment guru Warren Buffett

March 09, 2005

Dan Rather signs off

as 'CBS Evening News' anchor

Neil Prakash...

to wed!
Operation Intimidation?
Media biggie sends Mediaah! legal notice. Asks it to delete 19 posts and stop defaming it

Update: Mediaah! bandh!

March 05, 2005

Congratulations to Indian Idol Abhijeet Sawant!

February 27, 2005

Body piercers 'suffer in silence'

Many people who experience health problems after having an intimate body piercing do not seek medical help, research suggests

Debonair editor quits
Marcellus Baptista returns to freelancing
From Hasbro, a musical toothbrush
Tiny microchip
plays tunes while children brush

February 24, 2005

Who will be the Indian Idol?
Abhijeet or Amit... You decide!
Rupert Murdoch coming to India in March
Trip could coincide with Indian government clearing Space TV’s application for a DTH licence

February 21, 2005

TulsaWorld threatens BatesLine
This is the old media trying to intimidate their critics in the new media into silence
Paula Zahn nude
And 12 other suggestions to help CNN in its mission to gain viewers, cut expenses, and lose integrity fast

February 20, 2005

HT to come to Mumbai in June 2005
Mediaah! has learnt that Hindustan Times has approached individuals and syndicates for content
‘Ismail Darbar plagiarised my Nimbooda song’
Mangniyar singer Bade Ghazi Khan doesn’t know what will happen to his
legal battle with the film music director

February 19, 2005

Times upbeat about mid-year launch of news channel
Arnab Goswami is itching to go on air after a short hiatus

New cricket magazine

It is aimed at British Asians with a focus on the sub-continent

February 14, 2005

White House briefing...
The following transcript of a recent 'Press' briefing came to our attention
How to burn through Napster's collection
252 CDs of 80 minutes each. For free!
Fidel Castro, Boris Yeltsin dead?
Yes, if you believe VOA!

February 09, 2005

Keeping tabs on circulation
Tabloids are the broadsheet’s answer to falling circulation, says a McKinsey study

January 30, 2005

'Adopted son' claims Parveen Babi's home
Nine days after the actress died apparently without a will, a man has come forward to claim her crores

'Babri Masjid demolition planned
10 months in advance'
In a claim that tears apart the stand of Sangh Parivar, a book authored by a former top Intelligence Bureau official says the demolition was planned by top RSS, BJP and VHP leaders

Minority Report
survey will track media consumption, relationship with brands, the impact of advertising and their attitudes and opinions on life in 21st century Britain

Hungry hai kya?!

What's me up to, besides working? Well, busy playing phototakeouter. Check out more photographs

'Crazy' teddy row hits US state

A company in Vermont has sparked controversy with a teddy bear in a straitjacket emblazoned with a love heart for Valentine's Day

Bush to parents: 'Turn off indecency'
Calling himself a free speech advocate, the US President said the government is not first line of responsibility when it comes to protecting children

Compensation for flight delays, cancellations
Several airlines, including Air-India, may have to pay up under a European Union regulation coming into force from February 17

January 27, 2005

Small is the new beautiful in newspapers
Media experts say that readers' attention spans are shorter in the digital era

Should R K Laxman call it a day?
Mediaah! has a point of view

Oh, what happened to my bank account?
What Google's Mark Jen said. Life at Google from the inside!

January 25, 2005


In pictures (BBC)

January 23, 2005

Tsunami skit goes a little too far
Details on the skit that New York City rap station Hot 97 had been running for about a week

January 22, 2005

Web photo storage market hots up
An increasing number of firms are
offering web storage for people with digital photo collections

January 19, 2005

National Geographic Channel to launch Nat Geo Junior
First Discovery did it with its leisure and travel channel. Now Nat Geo is doing it: use India as an incubating market to test out new ideas

January 18, 2005

Take Back The News
A news sharing community

Mumbai to see Bombay Dreams
The musical that was born in Bollywood, slapped on Indian kitsch and played up the quintessential tinseltown romance, will reach the city this year

January 17, 2005

The news is good? They must be kidding
Top executives struggle to think like children and make money like adults

January 15, 2005

Disney's over the moon about India's toons
A free-for-all finally seems to have broken out in the kids’ channel space, with the newcomer coming out openly against competitors Turner Broadcasting’s Cartoon Network and Viacom’s Nickelodeon

Watch before you hit ‘forward’
On the day most of us first saw
the big CBS report about the infamous 60 Minutes II episode, you'd think journalists would be more attuned to questionable electronic documents. But they weren't

January 13, 2005

First hand account of torture at Abu Ghraib
'When my turn came to be summoned to the prison court, the judge, holding many papers in his hands, asked me 'What is your crime?' I replied that I was simply inside the masjid and the American soldiers came. The judge sentenced me to four months in prison'

January 10, 2005

Why Mid Day reporter is upset with Abhishek
The host and the guests sure hadn’t intended for this numbers game to happen!

Blog numbers are closer to 34.5 million wordwide
The perennial debate about how many blogs are in the Blogosphere has risen again following the recent Pew Blogging Survey and the SixApart takeover of LiveJournal

January 06, 2005

Columnist confesses

We'd like to tip our hat to Boston Globe (and syndicated) columnist Ellen Goodman who took it upon herself to write a year-end column highlighting her mistakes form the past year

Saudi man with 58 wives stirs polygamy debate
Saleh al-Sayeri, a 64-year-old shepherd-turned-businessman, says his marital adventures have cost him more than $1.6 million in wedding expenses and settlements for divorced wives

January 02, 2005

Pastor draws the line in editorial cartoons

Dick Wright is an award-winning cartoonist who isn't afraid to poke fun at lawmakers and world leaders on the editorial pages of hundreds of newspapers

Tsunami photo that was...

...two years old!

World's tallest skyscraper opens

Taiwan celebrated the official opening with a colorful opera performance and some of the island's top personalities taking elevators up to the 89th floor observation platform

Oomph! Can't handle bikini babes
The next time you debate whether or not to wear the skimpy new outfit you bought, it may not be enough for you to convince your grandmother or older brother. You may need the neighbourhood photo studio guy's approval too