April 30, 2004

End of day’s play

There were no tears; but the mood was definitely downbeat at the recording studio of Win 94.6 FM, which went off the air.

Crazy days at work and at home...
Sorry no posts for sssssoooooo llllllooooooonnnnngggggg... will be back soon.

April 29, 2004

The end of FM?
With a day to go for the deadline, no private radio player has paid up the annual license fee, totaling over Rs 100 crore, to the government.

Tom Hanks this week’s Guest President
Superstar actor will fill President George W Bush's spot at the White House through Friday while the chief executive takes the week off.

Nobel laureate V S Naipaul ill
Author warned against long distance travel.

Minor storm over a cup of chai for Vajpayee
It wasn't a grand request. Just a cup of tea and some mineral water, please. Days after the prime minister suddenly decided to quench his thirst, airport officials at Mumbai and Indian Airlines' bigwigs are still trying to explain why they found it so difficult to accommodate this simple demand.

May Day! May Day!
Smoking in public places will be restricted while advertisements of cigarettes and tobacco products will be banned in Maharashtra from May 1.

Job hunting? Words of caution
Anil Dash’s advice: Since so many people are still out there hunting for jobs in this tough economy, I would like to offer a bit of advice based on an unfortunate situation that I was lucky enough to not participate in firsthand: Do not send your resume out to someone with "Track Changes" enabled. It just means your potential employer can actually watch your lies being written in front of them.

Time Warner’s ‘Life’ prepares launch as weekly supplement

The Indian Express headline:
Day after the big chill, Sensex keeps shivering

April 28, 2004

Woman kills husband after quarrel over TV

He reprimanded her for neglecting household chores. All the guy wanted was dinner.

April 27, 2004

Congressional trip to India riles US tech workers

Delegation's $165,000 trip amounted to 'little more than a junket promoting offshore outsourcing'

Bush's vision

Now we know how President George W Bush has a clear vision on international issues. My great friend Sanjay Sawant and spammers Rajeev Pai, R Swaminathan and Rahil Shaikh will surely enjoy this short video clip.

Coffin photos site back
http://www.thememoryhole.org seems to be back in action. It is apparently getting '4 to 5 million hits per day'.
Of course, the site has a clarification that the photos included the Columbia crew victims.

Google co-founder in drag
Ooooohhhh! Don't know whether this is really Google co-founder Sergey Brin or Photoshop at work, or...

Story and photo here, courtesy http://alterego.mindsay.com

Now we know why the Google IPO issue is dragging on and on and on and on...

'Responsible news channel'

That's what Rajat Sharma's India TV says it will be.

The Hindu Business Line, the White Paper on Business, has finally come to Mumbai.
Which brings us to the question: When will Hindustan Times finally launch in Mumbai?

Clinton's memoirs in June
And we are talking of Bill, not Hillary.

Finally, I am into the world of 1 GB mail.

In bed with Beckham
Video on football star asleep... alone.

April 26, 2004

A farce called democracy
This Indian is helluva pissed off!

Headline in The Indian Express
One Arif Khan does not make a Muslim summer for BJP in UP

35 states consider outsourcing ban

N.C. legislators agreed to spend $1.2 million to bring 34 jobs back from Mumbai.

April 25, 2004

Achha? More Hinglish in Oxford

A PTI report in The Times of India

These animals!

Militants behead J&K cop's wife, daughter

Also in Jammu and Kashmir:
Third attempt on Mehbooba Mufti's life

Saddam interrogation logs

Really hilarious stuff on the former Iraqi leader.

Sapna Pillai says...

Sapna Pillai is a colleague from Mid-day (Pune) times. Now in New York.

'Amazing letter to George Bush!!!!!!(to be repeated 24 million times)'

'First I ever heard of Blogging. Suppose its a newspaper world or rather editors world exclusive. Very interesting.'

Thanks, Sapna, do keep in touch.

Tom Mangan says...

Tom Mangan (Prints the chaff) says of the world's longest open letter to President George W Bush: 'Clever. Too bad forces in motion have made it functionally impossible, but the sentiment is true.'

'I did finally read the Osama-Gandhi item ... Lately
I've been thinking that the problem with Americans and
Arabs is not that they are so different, but that they
are so much alike.'

Thanks, Tom.

April 24, 2004

The World's Longest Open Letter to President George W Bush

Please read this at my Danto The Dumbo blog!

It's 24 million words long, but it will, I am sure, not take much of your time.

Google Flirts; Investors Wonder About Date
(The New York Times on the web)

‘Indian people are prime for fashion’
The Financial Express reports on American designer Tommy Hilfiger’s entry.

Why are photos so small on news Web sites?

Suit claims couple abused Indian nanny
A Boston Herald report

Chef in new television swearing record
Ananova.com reports

Tourists overdose on drugs, fun in Goa
The Washington Times reports

Coffin photos on thememoryhole.org (now shutdown)
included Columbia shuttle dead!

April 23, 2004

Everybody wants Gmail

Many bloggers on Blogger.com have been invited to test Gmail.

Guess what, each blogger who has been invited has put up an announcement proudly announcing that s/he has been invited...

And, also, guess what, one blogger had 52 comments to her post: all pleading with her for details on how to get an invitation, plez!

Funny. About a week back, everybody was busy criticising Gmail...

Osama has not been captured, please!

Top News

Terrorists attack Congress office in Srinagar

The hunt for India’s smartest kid

Singapore’s armed forces to train in India

Arafat a target, warns Sharon

Vatican says no communion for pro-abortion politicians

BBC launches news alert service
(In the three days I have installed it, I have got only one news alert)

Air-conditioned mouse, anybody?

April 22, 2004

Top 10

1) Newsblog on North Korean train collision

2) rediff.com message board: After Vajpayee, who?

3) Computer Associates chief Sanjay Kumar resigns

4) Diana’s secret affair (CBS video)

5) Postcards from India (CNET)

6) AMD to set up design center in India

7) Michael Jackson indicted
(Check out the gallery for the good old MJ)

8) Maradona out of danger

9) NDA takes first innings lead
(The Times of India lead headline)

10) Most men are dogs: Best-selling author Jackie Collins

Indians top in mobile dirty talk

That’s what a nine-country survey by Siemens Mobile in the 16 to 29 age group has found, according to the Hindustan Times.

Great weblog on outsourcing

theoutsourcingweblog by Subramony S.

Headline in AMNew York

Winds of war may cause draft

Congress considers reinstating mandatory military service

Chip magazine wants a chief sub-editor

Sachin Kalbag of Chip magazine, and formerly with Mid-day, called up. With wife away in Seattle, he admits, he found time to call up an old friend. In case you think you fit the bill as a chief sub-editor at Chip, contact me at danto123@excite.com
I promise I will not tell your boss you plan to apply for a job.

Headline on techdirt.com
AOL Offers Spyware Stopper... Just After They Started Offering Spyware

April 21, 2004

Tom Kelly (8) to interview Bush

This is courtesy the New York Post: United States President George W Bush will give an interview to Tom Kelly, 8, son of the late Michael Kelly, the Atlantic Monthly editor at large who over a year ago was the first American journalist killed in the war in Iraq.

Quick take

Grabbed a copy of The Morning Quick, the new morning newspaper from Mid-day. Dumped along with the raddi, the newspaper vendor at Vasai railway station did not know it was from the Mid-day stable.
The general look is the same as the AM edition. The masthead is a mix of trad and mod. ‘The Morning’ is in the same font as The Afternoon Despatch & Courier masthead, while ‘Quick’ is in a larger size, with a modern look.
An easy read, with a lot of tweaks done on the AM edition. The word ‘Mid-day’ is missing from most of the edition, except perhaps from the imprint line.
Invitation price: Re 1.
Initial verdict: I like it.
But will it take on The Times of India? We will have to wait and read.

Earlier report: The Morning Quick

April 20, 2004

Outsauce kya hai, bhaisaab?

3Com is to open an engineering design centre in Hyderabad. That's the news. When The Inquirer reports it, the headline and intro:

3Com opens design centre in Mahabharata

More outsauce

Some sub-editor trying to be extra smart, eh?

Guardian headline:

India's election grinds to a start

And here is something with which I agree:
Gmail: Stop the Whining!

F**k It

A song with more than 30 swear words has gone straight to the top of the British singles charts. F**k It (I Don't Want You Back) is by 20-year-old American Eamon, from New York.

April 19, 2004

Top 10

India votes on Tuesday

Assassination attempt on Farooq Abdullah

Congress withdraws candidate in Lucknow

130 hurt in NYC train smashup

Beckham confesses he did it

Maradona in intensive care unit

Burger boss dies of ‘heart attack’

Supreme Court: Cinema audiences need not stand for national anthem

The Buzz: Time Out magazine plans a Mumbai edition, with Naresh Fernandes as consulting editor

Breaking News on The Brains Trust:
Kill Bill 3 unleashed – Kills Kill Bills 1 and 2

When Salman and Padma got married...
The Morning Quick

After Mid-day AM flopped (I was one of the few who liked it), here comes The Morning Quick. Probably what five interns could not do (take on The Times of India), Mid-day hopes to do better this time.

The catchline is: All the news. Just shorter.

PS: Mid-day had an AM and a PM edition some years back too, though of a different type. There was an editor (AM) and a deputy editor (PM). The deputy editor used to oversee the first edition at night and the editor used to come in each morning, scream out some sweet nothings, and overhaul the edition, the AM edition. Now, now don't ask for names.

April 18, 2004

Sub-editor survives attempt on life

Each time there is an attempt on the life of a leader, I shudder to read the headlines. Nearly all newspapers and web sites come up with headlines on these lines:

XXX survives attempt on life

TDP leader escapes bid on life in Hyderabad
(The Indian Express)

When one says 'attempt' or 'bid' does it not imply that the act failed to achieve its goal?
Why does one need the word 'survives'?

Attempt on TDP leader's life

will do, na?

Bid to cross border foiled

Many international publications too carry such headlines.

Have you guys checked out the new beta Netscape Desktop Navigator?

Great headline:
'Lost in Translation' doesn't translate well in Japan
The Japanese are frowning upon the Oscar-winning film's depiction of them.
(Christian Science Monitor)

April 17, 2004

Gallup opens India account

Top 10

South Indian actress Soundarya killed in crash
Ram Jethmalani to contest afterall
Indian cricket team back
Hamas leader killed in missile strike
Yahoo! CEO nets $60m
Netscape Tests 'Desktop Navigator' Beta
Wipro joins $1bn club

Apple not singing Realnetwork's tune

Quotable court: Sonia is like a school going child: Narendra Modi

Crib: Newsbot India lead at 9 am India time: Slovak President elected
(That's what happens when you leave news judgement to a computer)

April 16, 2004

Met Office predicts India Raining

The oncoming monsoon rarely makes it to the lead on a national newspaper like The Indian Express (New Delhi edition).
Except when it gets such a beautiful headline.

India TV goes on air from April 19

Rajat Sharma’s news channel has a reporter ‘at every 100 miles in the country.’

Will it be in Hindi, English or both? You will have to wait and watch!
The Rushdie wedding

Padma Lakshmi will wear a white sari at her wedding to Salman Rushdie this weekend. Her bridesmaids will wear saris too, but not white . . . (New York Post online)

My guess is Britain's Sun or News of the World will plant their person as a bridesmaid or barman and give them exclusive shots of the wedding.

Also guess, it will not make a difference if the photos are in black and white or color, with Padma wearing white.

10 politicians I hate
(and why I hate them)

1) Atal Bihari Vajpayee
Wake up, young man, it’s time to declare your innings.

2) L K Advani
Should stick to yatras

3) Subramanian Swamy
Is he still in politics or has politics thrown him out?

4) Ram Jethmalani
Is a better lawyer, fighting for crooks.

5) Amar Singh
Like a gas balloon, he only goes UP, UP and away and leaves us down.

6) Indira Gandhi
She killed democracy.

7) Maneka Gandhi
She loves animals. And what about us people?

8) Sanjay Gandhi
He drove the country to the dogs

9) P A Sangma
There are issues more important to the nation than foreign origin.

10) Farooq Abdullah
He took Jammu and Kashmir down into the valley.

Ram Jethmalani withdraws

The Independent candidate said he would campaign for Congress nominee Akhilesh Das, who will contest against Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee in Lucknow.

HBO to air Black Hawk Down April 17, 9 pm

A must-see movie, despite the blood...

Also, HBO to air The Mummy trilogy in Hindi. Beginning April 25, and two subsequent Sundays at 2 pm.

India wins cricket Test series against Pakistan 2-1

Which means the Bharatiya Janata Party will win the elections...?

April 15, 2004

10 tips for better page design

The businessjournalism.org tips are for business pages, but most points mentioned are good for any editor who deals with page design.

I liked tip 10 the most: Finally, think like a reader, not like a designer.

The Times of India fiddles a lot with design. But it does precisely that: fiddles.

And before I sound anti-Times, I must compliment it for this headline: Rahulpindi Mail touches 270, runs over Pak

Say yes to NPR

What happens when a reporter gets drunk on cheap Press Club whiskey? Read this!

However, I am an NPR fan. I listen to it nearly every morning. And I think it's GREAT!

Divine Intervention

A nun speaks out on sex abuse in the Catholic Church.

Bombay Dreams heads to Broadway

I'm tempted to fly down to New York to see this.

Wonder if it will come down to Mumbai.
PS: Why not Mumbai Dreams?

The art of interviewing

One journalist who must read this is Prabhu Chawla of Aaj Tak. In a recent interview with Amitabh Bachchan, I (interruption) wondered (interruption) if (interruption) he (interruption) was (interruption) interviewing (interruption) the (interruption) Big (interruption) B, (interruption) or...
OK, OK, got the message?

Razor-edge news!

Anchors take a sexy turn.

April 14, 2004


Lindows.com Inc formally changed the name of its desktop operating system from LindowsOS to Linspire.
Incidentally, when I purchased a home computer a few months back, I got the Linux package free. I have yet to install it.
I preferred Windows.

Indian political parties on the Net

Welcome to the official site of… Advani

Bharatiya Janata Party
The introductory line on the party’s web site says, ‘Welcome to the Official Web Site of the Bharatiya Janata Party.’ It should have read, ‘Welcome to the official web site of Deputy Prime Minister L K Advani.’
Placed prominently on the site are very boring mug shots of Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Deputy Prime Minister L K Advani and Bharatiya Janata Party President M Venkaiah Naidu. Not good enough to inspire the nation’s youth to vote for the party, one would think.
The link to Advani’s Bharat Uday Yatra is well updated.
On the 24th day of the Yatra in Kanpur April 5, the web site informs us, Advani stated, ‘Judging from the response to the Yatra in UP, I am convinced that the BJP tally in the general election will rise significantly.’
The ‘News Flash’ section, when checked out, had six out of 10 headlines dedicated to Advani and the Yatra.
The party ‘Philosophy’ link takes you to two sub-sections: Integral humanism and Hindutva.
The ‘Leadership’ link has profiles of seven leaders, including former party president Bangaru Laxman, who had faced bribery charges.
In ‘BJP on major issues,’ I thought it would be interesting to check out foreign policy. I was left disappointed. It mentioned nothing about the latest moves for peace with Pakistan or the blow hot, blow cold relations with the United States. The article, by Dr Saradindu Mukherji, a Reader with Delhi University, was obviously written long before the party started reciting it’s A, B, C, D and reached the letter P(eace).
For some strange reason, the ‘History’ link was dead.
The party’s ‘Manifesto’ is, it seems, remains unchanged from the one released in 1998 and the National Democratic Alliance’s manifesto released in 1999. Or probably, the ‘Vision Document’ overwrites it.
The ‘Press Archive’ section has press releases dominated by news about Advani again.
The web site has five screensavers of Vajpayee, conceptualized by party spokesman Prakash Javadekar. As they did not have a preview, I did not risk downloading them.
‘How to join BJP’ informs us that the primary membership fee is Rs 5.
Rating: Six stars out of 10.

Largest democratic party in the world!
Indian National Congress

The Indian National Congress party web site claims it is the largest democratic party in the world. ‘The party that brought India to the 21st century; the party that built modern India; the party of the freedom movement,’ it screams.
Among the buttons on top after you pass the first page, is one dedicated to former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi. Strangely, there is no button for Indira Gandhi.
Prominent on the website sections are photographs of party President Sonia Gandhi.
Also prominent on the web site is a link to Sam Pitroda, who had worked with Rajiv Gandhi 20 years ago. ‘Two decades later, it is time for me to repay a personal debt to a friend who was so generous with his time, goodwill and support, a friend who gave new meaning to my life,’ Pitroda states.
The ‘Documents’ link has a charge sheet against the Vajpayee government: A saga of sins, scams and shame.
Dominating the ‘Posters’ section is, of course, Sonia, in Namaste, Mona Lisa and Leader of the People poses.
The Congress too has a membership form button, which for some strange reason, it calls ‘Congress Network of Friends.’
The website has a link, in the Press Comments section, to The Asian Age editorial on Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘colourful’ political vocabulary.
Surprisingly, the web site has not (yet) plugged the younger Gandhis: Rahul and Priyanka. The only mention of Rahul we noticed was in the Press Comments section.
The homepage has a prominent link to a transcript of Gandhi’s Walk The Talk with The Indian Express Editor-in-Chief Shekhar Gupta.
Read it if you missed it on NDTV.
Six stars out of 10.

Naidu is Jesus Christ?

Telugu Desam Party

Not a very interesting homepage to look at, probably due to the use of English and Telugu fonts.
The site starts off with a link to its founder N T Rama Rao. The ‘Birth’ and ‘Education’ sub links are ‘Coming Soon,’ but the ‘Life of Silver Screen’ has some interesting insights on NTR, like: ‘Because he could not afford the bus fare, Rama Rao used to walk long distances to meet prospective directors in search of roles. A proud man, he never liked to borrow, even from his best friends.’
Another gem: ‘He did not seem to know what ‘star tantrums’ were either. In an industry notorious for complex man-woman relationships, he was rarely linked with any of his heroines; well, almost.’
The ‘Born’ section, in a profile on party President N Chandrababu Naidu, starts off very pompously, stating: ‘Lady, behold, the boy born to you is on commoner. He is the prince among men, come to change our World.’
-- The Three Magi, on the birth of Jesus Christ.
Is the web site saying Naidu is a modern day Jesus Christ?!
The ‘IT-Revolutionary’ subsection in the profile has two photographs of Naidu with former United States President Bill Clinton and Microsoft CEO Bill Gates!
This party certainly has vision. In a ‘Developments link, there is a Vision 2020 subsection. It has a Naidu quote: ‘Our vision of Andhra Pradesh is a state where poverty is totally eradicated; where every man, woman and child has access to not just the basic minimum needs, but to all the opportunities to lead a happy and fulfilling life; a knowledge and learning society built on the values of hard work, honesty, discipline and a collective sense of purpose.’
The ‘Events’ section was last updated in 2000. Does not reflect well on the TDP.
The party web site has a detailed ‘Information’ section, with all the state’s chief ministers, governors and Speakers listed, besides the Lok Sabha Speakers, Supreme Court judges, chief election commissioners and the states’ assembly seats. However, the chief election commissioners’ list had J M Lyngdoh listed as ‘continuing,’ with no takeover date.
On top, the web site has links to donation forms, separate for non-resident Indians (I am NRI) and ‘I am an Indian (Living in India).’
And, finally, the web site does have the party’s latest 2004 manifesto. A 33-slide manifesto!
Five stars out of 10.

Closed letter to Sonia!

Nationalist Congress Party
The party better update its site quickly, or at least pull out its ‘Letter to Sonia Gandhi,’ which was obviously uploaded when all was not well between the Congress and the Nationalist Congress Party. With the proximity it has to the Congress now, post-P A Sangma, it could prove to be an embarrassment.
The homepage has a map of India with photographs of party leader Sharad Pawar, general secretary Tariq Anwar and treasurer and spokesperson Praful Patel displayed with equal importance.
But, when you click on any link, a clock bounces around the page. Pretty irritating.

Jai Maharashtra!

Shiv Sena

Holding center stage is a photograph of party leader Balasaheb Thackeray. Just below it are the words, Jai Maharashtra (in Marathi, of course)!
Most links are in Marathi, very much in keeping with the party’s ideology. But they take you to pages in English.
The only English on the homepage are the links to Breaking News and Archives sections.
The first has an item on Thackeray saying he is proud to be on Pakistan’s hit list! It says, ‘Shiv Sena chief Hindu Hriday Samrat Shri Balasaheb Thackeray… prefers combating Pakistan to watching the Indo-Pak cricket matches.’
Dismissing the euphoria over improved (or improving) ties with Pakistan, Thackeray says, ‘Love can change the world. But love cannot change an enemy like Pakistan.’
The archives section’s latest news item, dated February 27, quotes Thackeray as appealing to all Hindus to keep linguistic differences aside and unite to fight the growing threat of Islam.

Ticker tock!

Asom Gana Parishad

Very unimpressive web site. The only impressive part about it is the news ticker at the top, though the news it displayed was not earth shattering.
The Election Manifesto is in a point size so small one will need two magnifying glasses to read it.
If you have at any time wondered what the party flag is all about, the web site explains: The red colour stands for struggle and change, the white colour for responsibility towards creating and practicing a clean public life, apart from depicting peace, and the blue colour stands for a ground for struggle, apart from depicting unity among different ethnic communities of the state. The elephant on the other hand is a symbol of people’s unity and strength, devotion towards duty, stability, foresight and an indomitable spirit.
For some inexplicable reason, most links have information in English, except for the party president’s message. If you want to know what Brindanban Goswami has to say, you will have to know Assamese.
Two stars out of 10.

(The sites were checked out on April 5)
10 Editors I have worked with

Virendra Kapoor (The Free Press Journal)
R K Karanjia (The Daily)
Nihal Singh (The Indian Post)
Rahul Singh (The Indian Post)
Vinod Mehta (The Indian Post)
Nikhil Lakshman (The Indian Post, Mid-day, rediff.com, India Abroad)
Ayub Syed (Current)
Rajat Sharma (The Daily)
Fatima Zakaria (The Daily)
Ayaz Memon (Mid-Day)
The only editor I have conveniently dropped is Pritish Nandy
(The Illustrated Weekly of India), who always thought my name was Django!

Pig Brother

I visited the live link to the German Pig Brother site.
I could not sight any pigs.
I probably visited them when they were asleep down under.
The site has attracted more than a million visitors in under two weeks with its 24-hour live webcam coverage of a family of wild boar, the site's creators told Reuters.
Grunt, grunt!
Gmail and glogs

By 2005, we will all refer to email as gmail and blogs as glogs.
Blame it on Google.

Indian democracy excites the world

April 12, 2004

Nice read on...Salman Rushdie.
Add to Top News

Retrial ordered in Gujarat riots case
Just sighted!
Blame India Watch blog
Top News
(over the weekend)

Indian among hostages freed by Iraqis

Brian Lara reclaims world record

21 killed in stampede for free saris in UP

Blast near Sonu Nigam concert in Pakistan

50 journalists held in Nepal

Interview/Dorab R Sopariwala
'BJP must guard against losing cricket match'

Congress leader Ajit Jogi stable

Slideshow for Enrique Iglesias fans!

Interesting comment on Iraq by Thomas L. Friedman/The New York Times

April 09, 2004

Enron Ex-CEO Skilling Taken to Hospital!

Former Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling was taken to a hospital early Friday after several people called police saying he was pulling on their clothes and accusing them of being FBI agents (AP).
An AvantBrowser fan, me!
It's a browser that beats all browsers, for me at least.
The only (and main) problem is every few days, its developers come out with a new version. This is the latest!
Cricket drama hits the big screen

I'm not crazy about cricket, but I must see this movie Silence Please... the Dressing Room.
Problem is I have not been to a theater for ages. The last movie I saw on the big screen (actually huge screen) was The Lion King at Imax (Wadala) with my daughter Annabelle and son Craig.
Of course, I could wait for it to come on VCD.
Incidentally, I have not yet seen Lagaan too.
I tried Devdas, but fell asleep after about half an hour.

April 08, 2004

Top 10 News
(over the last few days)

Rice grilled by 9/11 panel

26 policemen killed in Jharkhand

40 killed in Iraq mosque attack

JeM chief killed; attack on PDP rally

Iraq plunges into hostage drama

India 'fingered' by umpires at Lahore

More sex charges against Beckham

The Times of India, BBC tie up for magazines

Lindows changes name in several countries to Lin---s (pronounced as Lindash)

Coming soon: a smut-free DVD!

Great headline
News on the move
(The Economist)
(Rupert Murdoch's NewsCorp to shift base from Australia to US)

Note: We should shortly be moving into Breaking News mode shortly, the original idea of my blog. News will be posted more often, with more details, hopefully

April 06, 2004

Waiting for GMail
I don't know about you guys. But I am waiting for GMail to go public.
So what if a computer reads my mails and throws up related advertisements. After all, I am not working for the CIA or KGB or RAW.
The Google computers may in fact have a good laugh each time they monitor my mail.
Have you seen this?

Check this out. I think it sucks, but its a unique concept.
Only a crazy guy would like to check out the latest news at Newsmap!

April 05, 2004

Don't know what's happening about my PAN.
Tried meeting Income Tax Officer Pushpa Ramanathan at her Bandra-Kurla Complex office on Monday, but she was busy.
Had to do with submitting a letter stating the permanent account number is indeed mine.
Some possibilities arose:
The U was misinterpreted as V in the account number
I submitted my godfather's name (common with Catholics) instead of my father's name as the middle name.
Or I am victim of the scam I had mentioned in the earlier post.
All I can do now is wait and pray.

April 03, 2004

My PAN allotted to someone else?
Shocking, this is a must-read.
I got a notice today, saying I would be fined for providing a wrong PAN when filing my income tax returns.
I checked with my card, to see if I had entered the wrong number, but it is right!
I have been told to get a new number from UTI!
The notice says the last date for settling this problem is March 16.
And the letter has a March 16 stamp of the Vile Parle post-office.
I live at Vasai. The letter got to me today.

April 02, 2004

Top 10 News

Indian teens have world's highest suicide rate

Google’s one gigabyte Gmail no April Fool’s joke

Bus plunge kills 34 in Kashmir

Indian President visits Siachen Glacier

MTNL reduces ISD rates

Former Mumbai gangster Arun Gawli arrested

Mistrial in Tyco case

Bomb found on rail line in Spain

Viswanathan Anand wins Rapid title

Cricketer Anil Kumble gets a son

Headline of the Day!
BFI announces new changes

April 01, 2004

Bush to outsource his job from India!

United States President George W Bush decided April 1 to outsource his job from India.

The move follows unprecedented pressure the President is under, with too many things happening all over the world and America being unable to bring about peace.

As if the Israel-Palestine problem was not enough to handle, India-Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Haiti and a host of other hotspots popped up on the global map.

According to top US administration sources, Bush called up Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and requested him to make arrangements for his job to be outsourced from India.

Bush and Vajpayee share a very good equation, with the former helping the Indian leader make peace with Pakistan. The peace moves with Pakistan, Vajpayee’s Bharatiya Janata Party-led National Democratic Alliance hopes, will secure it another term in office.

Vajpayee is said to have agreed to make arrangements for the outsourcing, despite his own heavy schedule, with a national election coming up.

Many top Indian politicians, including Indian Deputy Prime Minister L K Advani and Opposition leader Sonia Gandhi, are said to be lobbying for the top post.

With the Congress Party set for a humiliating defeat in the national election, Gandhi seems to be the hot favorite. Her Italian lineage will help, with the Americans having a soft corner for immigrants.

At the time of going to press, details on the exact mechanics of the outsourcing were not available. But international political analysts who did not want to be identified said Bush could continue to be President in name, while an Indian would handle the day-to-day running of the administration. But Indian political pundits, who again did not want to be identified, ruled that out, and said the US President would probably shift to Camp David for the rest of his term.

The decision to outsource the job in India reported came after all senior US administration officials refused the job. Bush is said to have feared that Democratic challenger John F Kerry could make a bid for the top job.

The US media is yet to react to the President’s move, but the reaction is likely to be negative with the nation up in arms against outsourcing of jobs from India.

Repeated telephone calls to Bush and e-mails to the White House were not answered.