April 29, 2004

The end of FM?
With a day to go for the deadline, no private radio player has paid up the annual license fee, totaling over Rs 100 crore, to the government.

Tom Hanks this week’s Guest President
Superstar actor will fill President George W Bush's spot at the White House through Friday while the chief executive takes the week off.

Nobel laureate V S Naipaul ill
Author warned against long distance travel.

Minor storm over a cup of chai for Vajpayee
It wasn't a grand request. Just a cup of tea and some mineral water, please. Days after the prime minister suddenly decided to quench his thirst, airport officials at Mumbai and Indian Airlines' bigwigs are still trying to explain why they found it so difficult to accommodate this simple demand.

May Day! May Day!
Smoking in public places will be restricted while advertisements of cigarettes and tobacco products will be banned in Maharashtra from May 1.

Job hunting? Words of caution
Anil Dash’s advice: Since so many people are still out there hunting for jobs in this tough economy, I would like to offer a bit of advice based on an unfortunate situation that I was lucky enough to not participate in firsthand: Do not send your resume out to someone with "Track Changes" enabled. It just means your potential employer can actually watch your lies being written in front of them.

Time Warner’s ‘Life’ prepares launch as weekly supplement

The Indian Express headline:
Day after the big chill, Sensex keeps shivering