April 18, 2004

Sub-editor survives attempt on life

Each time there is an attempt on the life of a leader, I shudder to read the headlines. Nearly all newspapers and web sites come up with headlines on these lines:

XXX survives attempt on life

TDP leader escapes bid on life in Hyderabad
(The Indian Express)

When one says 'attempt' or 'bid' does it not imply that the act failed to achieve its goal?
Why does one need the word 'survives'?

Attempt on TDP leader's life

will do, na?

Bid to cross border foiled

Many international publications too carry such headlines.

Have you guys checked out the new beta Netscape Desktop Navigator?

Great headline:
'Lost in Translation' doesn't translate well in Japan
The Japanese are frowning upon the Oscar-winning film's depiction of them.
(Christian Science Monitor)