December 22, 2005

Keeping up with the Time
The Best Photos of 2005
Top Ten Web 2.0 Moments of 2005
It's been a huge year for the Web! A time of renewed optimism in Silicon Valley and an incredible number of new web applications.

December 21, 2005

Time, Newsweek made the wrong calls
Week in and out, the two news magazines compete ferociously for access to presidents, celebrities and other newsmakers.
Try this Christmas Challenge
I could not go beyond Level 7 in this flash game.
Update: Reached level 14

December 20, 2005

Cell phone PC
Come January 2006 and DualCor Technologies will unveil its cPC, a cross between a WinXP PC and a smart phone running Windows Mobile 5.0

December 16, 2005

Dylan spins it
Bob Dylan is making like a rolling stone.
Microsoft's vision of the future
Everyone has a different idea of what fun gadgets they would like to see in the future, and some of Microsoft's researchers have been demonstrating in Brussels what they hope might take off.
5 ways to be the life of the party
Always a wallflower? Take our advice to get into the holiday mix.
Life imitates art
Man breaks into house to fix computers.
Restrictions on World Cup coverage
Newspaper editors might be surprised to know they won't be allowed to provide full coverage on their web sites.
Things I've Learned Being Single
Yes, they may be crazy, but hey I'm a little crazy at times.

Topless scandal
Well, unfortunately, it does not involve any celebrity and it's only a pair on sandals.

December 15, 2005

NBC edits pole dance from Elton John show
NBC censored a steamy pole dance Pamela Anderson performed while Elton John sang The Bitch is Back during his primetime special.
RIAA website hacked!
The list of the MP3's that were on the site were actually on the RIAA's servers and many people were able to download them.

Not your typical pinup calendar
A calendar put out by the University of Illinois is forgoing leggy pinup girls for a different kind of model. Rather, the school is going for a brainier sort.

TV fridge gets even cooler
You can watch TV on your iPod. Why shouldn't you able to watch it on your refrigerator?

Behold King Kong
Well, here's one way to give that movie review a big promo.