February 19, 2006

Indian Church's first movie released
The movie, using the formula of commercial Hindi films and released all over India, producers say will champion a social cause.

The Washington Times carried a UPI report on the Ahmedabad railway station explosion. Only problem is that 25 persons were injured and no one was killed.

February 18, 2006

Look who flu into India
Officials have confirmed that the outbreak was at a chicken farm at Nandurbar (Maharashtra) near the Gujarat border

February 03, 2006

Policy blues force WSJ to put India edition on hold
The Wall Street Journal has put on hold its plan to start an Indian edition until the government policy towards print media turned more conducive.
Rethinking newspapers
When I sit to read the newspapers every morning, I
find fewer and fewer stories to read.
Bob the builder... of bonds (Deccan Herald)

February 02, 2006

Naughty Undress Me Mugs
Wake up to a perfect thing. A great eye opener for those who find it tough in the morning to leave their cozy beds. No I am not Talking about any Alarm Clock this time. Its something really fascinating, an Undress Me Mug.