September 29, 2005

BBC News to launch reader comment system
The system will enable readers to post comments to the site before an editor has looked at them
First Indian blog network to be launched Oct 5
Another first for the blogosphere is set to be launched October 5 with the launch (of what I believe to be) the first blog network based in India: Instablogs

September 27, 2005

Top 10 worst products
CNET gave you its list of the 10 best products of the decade, but frankly, it had more fun picking the top 10 worst products of the decade

September 25, 2005

For a frank opinion, go to Greg
Greg Chappell grew up in a household where frank opinions were served up at the breakfast table more often than cereal and fruit juice, says Ian Chappell

September 24, 2005

Don't judge a book by its title
The marketers of Tom Wolfe's latest novel have decided his name alone should be enough to sell the book in paperback

September 23, 2005

Get ready for a blackout on STAR Network today
Don’t be surprised if your TV screens go black while watching the STAR Network on September 24

September 15, 2005

Reuters explains photo of Bush bathroom note
Don't blame the photographer.That's the message from Gary Hershorn, a picture editor for Reuters, about the photo that shows President George W Bush writing an all-too-human note during a UN meeting

September 11, 2005

Talking KBC
This Sunday, my buddy Tanvi and me grew more and more
distraught, on behalf of a participant who couldn’t name the anchor of the television show, The Apprentice, says Merril Diniz.
Mystery of missing consul-general
A bold experiment in engaging People of Indian Origin and Non-Resident Indians in deepening relations with India has left a lot of red faces in Canada and raised eyebrows in South Block

September 08, 2005

Yahoo for mail, Indiatimes for Whatever!
Survey digs into online habits of Indian netizens