April 16, 2004

10 politicians I hate
(and why I hate them)

1) Atal Bihari Vajpayee
Wake up, young man, it’s time to declare your innings.

2) L K Advani
Should stick to yatras

3) Subramanian Swamy
Is he still in politics or has politics thrown him out?

4) Ram Jethmalani
Is a better lawyer, fighting for crooks.

5) Amar Singh
Like a gas balloon, he only goes UP, UP and away and leaves us down.

6) Indira Gandhi
She killed democracy.

7) Maneka Gandhi
She loves animals. And what about us people?

8) Sanjay Gandhi
He drove the country to the dogs

9) P A Sangma
There are issues more important to the nation than foreign origin.

10) Farooq Abdullah
He took Jammu and Kashmir down into the valley.