May 01, 2004

IBM expands search push with Masala

The computing giant is gearing up to release a new version of its DB2 Information Integrator software that will let corporate employees retrieve information from databases, applications and the Web at the same time. Subsequent improvements will include a data-mining component code-named Criollo.

But why the name Masala? Some Indian(s) must have added spice to the project.

New Xeon unearthed as Intel's first all-India chip

A future processor has popped up on the company's roadmap with a first-of-its-kind name and birthplace. The chip dubbed Whitefield has its roots in Bangalore.

Zee’s Dish TV is a startup that never started for me

‘I am happy I did not waste 7000 bucks. I can live without TV for small durations rather than another crappy service (in addition to Sify broadband) to add to my tensions.’

Very late news

# Shock over Iraq torture photos
# 9/11 panel questions Bush, Cheney
# Google files IPO plans
# Michael Jackson pleads not guilty to abuse charges
# Unisys sets up India subsidiary